Omega World: Los Angeles

Welcome to next chapter of Omega World. When last we left off with Omega World: The Flowers Chronicles, Marshall Flowers and his friends Hexagon Jack, Damon Slate, Dexter Kablowski, Timmy Thane, Joe Steel and Duff Mcleod had done their best to return civilization to the western coast of Canada, battling against bandits, mutants and the ATMA organization. Unfortunately for our new group of heroes, Canada is very far away and the ruins of Los Angeles are no picnic.

Omega World: Los Angeles is intended to be a West Marches style game set in and around the ruins of Los Angeles. My interpretation of a West Marches style game is a player driven sandbox style of game without a rigid and regular plot, party or time. Specifically:

1. There is no regular time; the players are responsible for scheduling sessions that suit them.

2. There is no regular party; each game will be open to the pool of interested players to participate in.

3. There is no regular plot; the players decide what to do and where to go. There is no overarching plot (though there will certainly be subplots the players can explore).

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