Session summary 4/16/09 (?)

In which our heroes find a Marine base (and its well-armed inhabitants) and have a close encounter with Googlebot.

Barry’s been a-slackin. Here’s the highlights of the last game:

A group of us set off in search of a power source for the “relic” that powers the Anaheim tribe’s wards. Martin thinly veils his pompous desire to prove the savages wrong about their magic with his human desire to prevent a war between Anaheim tribe and Chino tribe. Ans so we set off…to the West!

After making a brief stopover at the mall to finish scavenging the outdoors store (binoculars, yay!) [there’s nothing of value left there now], we circle around the toll road and strike off down the highway. After various sundry forks (see map for details), we manage to bump into an old marine base. We notice that there are apparently working security cameras. We decide to stake the place out for signs of life for the rest of the day.

Next day, having seen no activity, we waltz in. Lo and behold, Hazelkin labs is housed here!. But first thing’s first, we go to find where all the security cameras are patched in. We find the original security center, but nothing’s going on in there. At this point we check the cameras, and they appear to be patched into the power grid in such a way as for them to have power, but for the rest of the building to remain unpowered. It also becomes obvious at this point that this surveilance equipment is fairly newly installed.

We decide to press on and go check out Hazelkin labs for some clues about the power cell for the device the savages have. As we walk through a corridor with glass wall towards the outside, we notice a group of people in swat gear with assault rifles. We snatch a few files from the labs and book it. Apparently there are very well armed occupants on the other side of those cameras!.

Martin resolves to try and talk to these people, since he really wants the information in the labs and would rather not get shot at for his efforts. He scrawls a note on the back of one of the stolen files and holds it up at the security camera at the front gate of the compound. Eventually he is met by a group of the occupants, and with their leave, brings Garth with him inside to broker a deal.

The trade is information about the surrounding area/people in exchange for access to the labs to grab information. Martin agrees and imparts them with basic location information. They then let him and Garth look through the labs. Martin finds a blueprint for the device, including its power cell. Our heroes part ways with the occupants of the Marine base somewhat amicably, and although there is by no means a welcome mat laid out on their doorstep, we get the feeling that if it were something important that we came back for, we probably wouldn’t get shot on sight…

well, “probably” being the key word here.

On our way back to Grafton, the group encounters a large metal construct lumbering jauntily down the highway. It approaches the group:

“Greetings friends. Have you heard of our latest new product, FaceTube?”

The large robot had the following logo emblazoned on its chest:


After a short altercation in which Chuck proves that Googlebot can indeed defend itself, we proceed to ask it a bunch of questions. Apparently it’s a fully functioning mobile search engine. See below for bunch of information.



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