Chapter 4

"Why does everyone always point guns at us?" - Patch

So Patch, Martin, and Garth decide to go check out the university in search of a power cell.

The group makes a small detour around the toll road and arrives at the university campus near dusk. They decide that exploring in the dark would be ill-advised, so they set up camp at in a parking complex on the outskirts of the campus. As the evening turns into night, they start making out electric lights in some of the buildings, as well as some spotlights acting as beacons coming from the track and field area of campus. It appears that some people are gathering to watch an event there.

Upon closer investigation, they discover that there is a sort of gladiatorial fight going on, and it is being overseen by a handful of thugs armed with scavenged firearms, mostly. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, the group retreats to the relative safety of the parking garage for the night.

The next day they begin exploring the campus. They find an information kiosk which has a handy little map for them to follow. After checking out some ruined classrooms in the science buildings, the decide to check out one of the building that was lit the night before on the way over to the hydrogen power station on the other side of the campus.

And then there was some armed thugs, a bunch of shooting, and although the thugs were defeated, Garth was mortally wounded in the combat by a gunshot to the head, along with a myriad of other messy injuries. Patch and Martin decide to hightail it after raising the alarm with all this gunfire, but not before bursting into the hydrogen fuel station, knocking out one of the guards cold, and securing a portable power cell. In the confusion of all this, they also end up agreeing to take the poor technician who was being forced to work the power plant against his will by the thugs, and the three of them beat a hasty retreat…



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