Google Bot Answers

The Google Bot provides a list of locations for the various questions you asked it. The questions regarding gun shops, hospitals, malls and gas stations return a number of locations. You will need to procure a map of Los Angeles to make sense of where most of these things are. You do recognize a possible position of a gun shop and a medical clinic in the vicinity of Grafton, these will be added to your map for the next session. You quickly conclude that gas stations are far too numerous and prominent for the answers you’ve obtained to do much good, though you do note the location of the Torrance Refinery.

The other half of your questions focus on power cells. You learn that the city of Los Angeles had been investing in new hydrogen fuel cell technology for a number of it’s power needs and has some large scale fuel cell power plants. These power plants were hoped to eventually work without need for fossil fuels and are potentially a valuable resource. You note that the Los Angeles Department of Power and Water has installed them in a couple of locations.

You also learn that the California State University at Los Angeles was also conducting work with power cells – both fuel cells similar to those being used by the city and smaller models that might serve your purposes.

Finally, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve made some list of suspected terrorists for googling up “los angeles gun shops” and “los angeles gasoline refineries” and “los angeles hospitals”.



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