Session summary 4/10/2009

In which our heroes scavenge a shopping mall and are attacked by random a-holes

Characters involved: Martin Brown (Barry), Garth(Vince), and the nameless luddite(Evan).

For various reasons, these three decide that going on an expedition to scavenge an old military base off to the north could be beneficial. Garth seems to think that there should be something left of value there, having recently come from there after being cryogenically frozen for god knows how long. Military base sounded promising to Martin, and Nameless decided to come along to try and persuade us away from our covetous, materialistic ways.

We started off by taking the trail from Grafton down to an old highway and began travelling in a northwesterly direction. As we arrived at a sort of crossroads in the highway, we came upon an old shopping mall complex. We deiced to stop ans see what we could scavenge.

We first began with the wrecked cars outside, which yielded nothing of value. Nameless nodded in approval – His work of destroying and abandoning Evil Technology has already been done for him out here. Garth had no luck finding parts for his newly acquired pickup truck (at a cost of many hours of labor to the explorer brothers in Grafton), and Martin also came up with nothing useful from these vehicles.

They then moved inside the mall. Bloomingdales didn’t look real promising, so they skipped that store and moved inside the halls of the mall. After finding some likely technology stores in the mall directory, they raided Electronics Boutique, Radioshack, and Mike’s computers, acquiring a few electrical parts, some random software, and a laptop computer that needs some work, but looks like it could be servicable with a few key components.

As they noticed an outdoors store on the other side of a large gap of collapsed floor (second floor of the mall), the suddenly heard some growling from behind them. There was a rather large, angry looking dog that had snuck up on them. Nameless, having some skill handling animals like his donkey companion, realized that the dog was probably hungry, so he slowly approached him and fed him some of his food. The dog grabbed a large hunk of jerky and scampered off, leaving us alone for the moment.

Nameless then managed to climb over to the outdoors store and went to find a rope. After a longish wait he reappeared with rope, and a bulge in his burlap sack that wasn’t there before. He helped the other two over and they merrily scavenged the outdoors store for various survival supplies.

[Out of character note: The fools neglected to grab binoculars from the pretty much untouched treasure trove of survival gear, and for some reason could not find any water purifiers…and the cash register at the front was also conspicuously missing. :P ]

They then gained access to the maintenance area of the mall, where they found a full mechanical toolkit and a locker that contained a shotgun. Martin took the toolkit, and Garth armed himself with the shotgun.

After merrily scavenging the mall, the three continued on. They met some guys with crossbows on top of a building who informed them that this was a toll road. They got two of our six mini propane tanks, and we moved on.

Later the spied a man riding a horse approaching them. The smart ones hid in a nearby building while Nameless went and chatted with the stranger, who had the look of some kind of cowboy, hat and all. He waved to the hiding ones as he walked by after finishing talking to Nameless, who then reported that he was looking for someone in a purple and red jacket or something. They moved on, camped for the night, and arrived at the military base the next day.

The dog from the mall had apparently followed the group and appeared again after a day of useless scavenging. Nameless insisted on a burial of the bodies we found expired in the remains of the cryogenic chamber that Garth emerged from. Nameless was incited at the site of this place, and began spouting a sermon on how these men placed their trust in technology and were betrayed by it. The other two did their best to ignore him, as they hid the still active computer banks from the incited luddite, hoping he wouldn’t smash them before they had a chance to come back and figure out how to access them (they are, for the moment, password protected, and beyond their skills to crack).

Nameless and Martin continued to feed the dog as they made camp, and it settled just around the edge of the camp for the night as they all turned in…

...only to be awoken by a barking dog and a braying donkey in the middle of the night. The three rushed to their feet, Martin panning around with his newly acquired flashlight, discovering four men dressed in tattered leathers with knives and chains closing in on the camp. They charged in, attacking Garth and Martin. One of them tore a bloody gash in Martin’s torso, hitting something vital clearly. Martin staggered back and tottered on his feet, but remained standing, although visibly distracted by his injuries, and shot with his pistol. Garth blew one away with the shotgun. The dog charged into the fray and bit savagely at one of the attackers. Nameless got into hand to hand combat using some impressive martial arts to batter down the attackers.

We received some assistance from a hidden attacker in the forest, who helped Garth fell one of the attackers with a rifle shot from the woods, and soon after the gangers were defeated. The mysterious benefactor introduced himself as “Jack”, and said he had been pursuing those gangers for some time, and that he was glad to see them dead. He then asked if he could travel with us, since there’s safety in numbers. This seemed reasonable, so the three accepted, although Nameless was strangely silent through the whole exchange…

The group hurried back to Grafton the next morning to seek some medical attention for Martin’s crippling wounds, arriving safely back there without incident.



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