Martin Brown

Martin is a shortish caucasian man with brown hair. He wears some tattered looking work clothes and sports a toolbelt with various scavenged mechanical tools hanging from it.


Level 1 Smart Hero


Martin Brown is a wandering mechanic. He grew up in a small colony of mechanically inclined folk somewhere not terribly far from Hollywood. He was apprenticed at a fairly young age to a mechanic who specialized in vehicle repair and maintenance, and learned the core of his mechanical and scavenging skills from this line of employment.

1: Trouble in Paradise

For a number of years, all was well in Martin’s life, and he was relatively oblivious to the actual happenings in the settlement, content to tinker in the shop on whatever he could. He was fascinated with all manner of mechanical devices, big and small – he just loved to figure out how things worked.

One day, however, things seemed to have taken a very bad turn. His boss was late. Boss was never late.

Martin decided to go look for him. He exited the fairly small auto garage, and just as he was about to round the corner to go around to the back of the building, where Boss’ house was located, he heard an unfamiliar voice. He was talking to Boss, and he didn’t sound too happy. Martin could barely make out the words. Something about a deal, he thought. He peered around the corner as the voices became more raised, until eventually he was just standing there gaping at this man. He was dressed in tattered leathers and chains, and was huge, at about 6’5’’, and easily about 300 pounds. He was about to slip back around the corner when he was suddenly spotted. The big man’s head turned abruptly, scraggy long hair flapping as he fixed his gaze on Martin and raised a shoddy-looking gun.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Martin stood stock still, speechless. Nobody had ever pointed a gun at him before.

“Put the goddamned gun down,” Boss tole the big man menacingly, “He’s one of my boys.”

“He’s a fuckin’ eavesdropper is what he is. How much does he know? Maybe I oughta just take my payment out in blood, hmm? How’s that sound old-timer?”

Boss lashed out and punched the big man in the face. The big man barely flinched and went to grab him. There was some hand to hand combat – Boss had managed to disarm the big man of the gun while he has the element of surprise. He was, however, severely outmatched by the bigger, stronger man. It ended abruptly with the big man knocking the wind out of boss, then cleanly jerking his head clear around, breaking his neck and killing him instantly.

The big man’s gaze then fixed once again on Martin. All of a sudden Martin saw the gun. The big man noticed this and grinned hungrily. They both dove for the gun. The big man knocked it just our of reach and pinned Martin. He squirmed and struggled, but to no avail. Just as Martin was about to give up, a woman’s voice echoed from some distance behind the big man. For just a moment, the man was distracted, and his grip loosened. Martin threw his knee up into the man’s groin. There was a gunshot, and then the massive man crumpled.

Needless to say, Martin was very quick in leaving town after that. He hurriedly grabbed what belongings he could find, some meager provisions, and he set out for anywhere, practically running. Anywhere was better than where he was.

2: Wheels!

Summary (details to come later, when I can write it)

Martin wanders into the remains of Hollywood, which seems remarkably untouched by the desolation of the drop. He finds an old vintage car in the back of a warehouse, and with a small amount of tuning, it starts. Martin seems to like the idea of driving vs walking, as running from people is much easier and less tiring with a vehicle. He fires up the car and drives out of Hollywood. On his way out he is spotted by a group of people. They began yelling something about “a relic” and chasing angrily after him, shooting at him with guns. Martin declines to stop and chat with them, and instead guns the engine out of there, although not without sustaining some damage from the gunfire.

After an hour or two of driving, the engine of the car begins to overheat, and soon after the car sputters to a stop. Martin manages to get the car off the road and hidden, as he notices that he is a short distance from the town of Grafton. He decides that this is as good a place as any to hole up for a while. Maybe he can work for some food and scav some parts to repair his ride.

In the weeks that follow, Martin manages to find himself some employment around town doing small repairs to keep himself fed. He holes up in a small abandoned building on the outskirts of town, and finds an abandoned mine shaft a small distance from the town to hide his car in. He does his best to hide all traces of the car’s passing and continues to tinker with it whenever he has time and parts. Why the car seems to be missing so much is a mystery to him, but he is slowly rebuilding all the missing parts of the once glorious automobile. He is also a bit taken aback at the strange computer devices inside it, and the modified fuel intake system, and he struggles to make sense of this strange automobile every time he works on it. It is his enigma now. And besides, it’s not like anyone’s liable to find him in this little hick town anyways, he figures.

Martin Brown

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