Garth Bauer (dead)

A military mechanic cryogenically frozen against his will before the drop.


A mechanic in the Canadian military, assigned to oversee NATO training in the US.

“I was reassigned to do some NATO work at the military base in El Derado. I was about to board the plane back to my home in Vancouver, when my commanding officer called me over. I figured he wanted to say his goodbyes and thank me for my time. He lead me into an office beside the hangar with only one door. No windows.

“I was greeted there bye 5 other soldiers, all standing at attention. I turn around to my commander as he locks the door behind him and pulls something out of his pocket.

”’They’re dead.’ he said with an angry tone. ‘All of them… all of us. It’s to late now. It’s already started.’ I then note that the object emerging from his pocket was a syringe. I panicked. ‘Get him,’ as all 5 soldiers grabbed me and held me down on a table in the middle of the room.

”’ You’re important to them. They need you, and I don’t know why,’ as he sticks me with the needle, ‘Hold him still’ he whispers to the other men in the room. ‘All I know is the future depends on you, your country needs you!’ as I feel the clear bluish liquid enter my bloodstream.

“I feel the anesthetic coming over me as I whisper to the commander, to weak now to yell, ‘But…. I… I’m C…. Canadian…..’

“The next thing I hear are the screams of pressurized air leaking out of the chamber around me. I collapsed out of the pod and notice another man there, coming to and exiting his pod quite calmly. I then hear the sound of bodiles collapsing on the floor. I look to my right and found 10 other capsules ejecting either rotted or freezer-burnt corpses. I get up, and with a clearing head, I hold in the sensation of nausea overcoming me.

“I knew what had happened. I couldn’t believe it. I hoped it was some sort of nightmare.

“He was right, the commander. Everyone was dead, save for me…”

Garth Bauer (dead)

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