Lochlan Cloudrider

An abondoned boy, grown out to be a delusion young man


Lochlan, as a child, was abandoned in a convention center when he was only 8 years old. Living off of decades old vending machine food, he grew up with only a remedial understanding of the outside world, with a fear of what may lie beyond the doors. Alas, any understanding of the outside world came from within the walls of the convention halls.

The last convention to be held, and abandoned during the drop, was the annual Star Wars convention.

Through watching all 6 live action movies (hundreds, if not thousands of times each), the several hundreds of cartoons, playing the video games, reading the collection of books and comics, as well as the toys and trinkets littering the rooms, he grew fond of, and akin to the star wars universe.

As he grew older, he realized that he could not survive much longer on what little beef jerky was left, and knew that the day would come that he would have to leave the center for his own survival. In an effort to prepare himself for the harsh conditions of the outside world, he watch the movies… repeatedly… again. Through imitation, he had mastered all the moves of all the famous Jedi, Qui’gon, Obe’wan, Yoda, Mace Windu, and, of coarse, Anikin and Luke Skywalker.

He opens a case containing a replica Vibroblade (significantly reducing its market value) and notices its razor sharp, and close enough to a lightsaber to continue his training.

With the Acrobatic skills and marital prowess of a Jedi master, he realized that the temptation of the Dark Side was a real threat, and adopted the Jedi Code as a guide for living. He justified his entry into the order by naming his father, Richard, an appearent Jedi, and his master (in his delusional mind, abandonment in this wealth of knowledge was part of his training).

He knows that in order to finish his training, he must fight the temptations of the dark side, learn to wield the Force, build his lightsaber, and confront his father.

Lochlan Cloudrider

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