GM and Players Agreement

This is the basic outline of what the GM and the players agree to provide to the game and is intended to help everyone have similar expectations from the game. This is not intended as a legal agreement or a “GM NERF”.

GM’s Pledge

  1. I will create and provide a game world for the players to explore. The game world will strive to adhere to a high degree of verisimilitude and interal consistency.
  2. I will arrive at each session having prepared necessary materials to run a full session assuming that the players have provided necessary direction as to their intentions in advance.
  3. I will act as a neutral arbitrator between the established world and the players using the ruleset of the game; success and failure will hinge on the strategic ability of the players and the luck of the dice. I maintain the right to withhold explanations of things that do not seem consistent with the rules for story purposes.
  4. I will make all dice rolls in the open.
  5. I will not hold grudges (though the son of the man you murdered senselessly probably will).
  6. I will endeavor to maintain an attitude that focuses on running the game smoothly and efficiently.
  7. I will lighten up since it’s just a game.

Players Agreement

  1. The player will create a character under the ruleset of the game and a backstory that provides at least the Minimum Character Background.
  2. The player will attempt to maintain an atmosphere at the table that promotes the game and minimizes excessive out of character buffonery.
  3. The player will have read through their abilities, skills, feats and equipment in advance and will strive to maintain a basic familiarity with common rule situations so as to quicken the pace of play.
  4. The player will arrive at every session prepared to play with dice and an updated character sheet.
  5. The players will work together against the outside world; at a minimum they will not work against each other either actively or by act of omission.
  6. The player will lighten up, it’s just a game.

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GM and Players Agreement

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