Known World

Grafton is situated in the foothills just on the outskirts of a residential suburb of Los Angeles. The mountains block most travel to the north and west, but locals know of a couple old roads that wind their way through the mountains.

Directly south of Grafton lie the remains of a residential district. Many of the residents of Grafton have taken a trip or two to scavenge anything of value from this area.

Refugees who have settled in Grafton tell of a large road which stretches from the north east to the southwest. This highway makes travelling easier but gangers are a threat.

The town of Dove Canyon is supposed to be located to the south east, near the old Portola Resevoir. They are a little paranoid, but are said to have a good supply of gasoline.

A few travelers have made it as far as the old University in Irvine in the west, past Shady Canyon. They say that a group is holed up there, trying to salvage some tech. Somehow this group seems to have made a truce with a large group of gangers.

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