“I’ve heard tell of a place that survived the drop and the horrors of the mutants and gangers without damage. It’s an island that they call Avalon, and it’s not too far from here. They say that if you manage to get there, you’ll be safe for the rest of your life! Why, if I had a boat I might just go look for it…”

“Just you hooligans wait! The President is putting back the good ol’ USA and bringing a heaping of law, order and whoop-ass with him. At least, that’s what my grand-pappy said before he passed away…”

“Sure, the Clyde family’s got some pretty good guns. Of course, if only I had a working car and some gas, I’d take a trip to the old military facility near Barstow. Then we’d see who’s got more guns!”

“Some folks say we were lucky not to get hit by a nuclear weapon. They don’t know the kind of horrors that happened when that damn bio-weapon went off in downtown LA. People falling over and dying . . . and some of them getting back up! That V28 bug spread so fast because the zombies could infect you. Fortunately they are all gone now, but a few crazy kooks say they’ve seen a few V28 zombies in the depths of the city.”

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