The Nameless Monk has the unhinged look of complete comprehension through complete ignorance and a beard.


The nameless monk belongs to an order that believe divine providence is attained through poverty and ignorance. As such they scorn technology which they deem to be the ultimate temptation toward evil.

According to their scripture the drop was God’s way of punishing the wicked. Earthquakes, floods, plagues and draughts had become antiquated blasphemy punishments due to technologies rapid advancement. Any natural disaster could be circumvented and any plague could be healed. The wicked no longer needed to fear the wrath of god (or so they thought). People stopped worrying for their immortal souls and focused on things of importance like the internet or video games. Technology and science became the new Religion. So God did what he had done before in the days of the Old Testament and smote the “intelligent” heathens.

The nameless monk travels the land as a missionary of the good lord, spreading his monastic scripture and guiding infidels down the path of ignorance and asceticism.


Wastelands Apathy